Are Costco Bagels Vegan?

By Olivia

Costco bagels are a popular breakfast staple, but whether they are vegan or not may be a concern for those following a vegan lifestyle. Let’s dive into the details to determine if Costco bagels fit into a vegan diet.

Ingredients in Costco Bagels

When examining the ingredients of Costco bagels, it’s essential to look for any animal-derived ingredients that might make them non-vegan. Here are the common ingredients found in bagels:

  • Enriched wheat flour
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Yeast

Based on these ingredients, Costco bagels seem to be vegan-friendly. However, it’s crucial to note that different bagel flavors or varieties may have additional ingredients. It’s always a good idea to check the label or inquire with the store to ensure the bagels are 100% vegan.

Possible Non-Vegan Ingredients in Bagels

While most bagels are vegan-friendly, certain ingredients can make them unsuitable for a vegan diet. Here are some non-vegan ingredients that might be present in certain bagel varieties:

  • Eggs: Some bagels may contain eggs as an ingredient, which would make them non-vegan.
  • Milk or Dairy: Certain bagels might contain milk or dairy products, such as butter or cheese, which are derived from animals.
  • Honey: Bagels sweetened with honey are not considered vegan-friendly as honey comes from bees.

It’s important to read the ingredient list carefully or consult a knowledgeable store representative to ensure that the bagels you choose are free from these non-vegan ingredients.

Vegan Bagel Alternatives

If you follow a vegan diet and want to enjoy bagels, but Costco’s options aren’t vegan-friendly, don’t worry! There are plenty of vegan bagel alternatives available:

  1. Bake your own: Making homemade bagels allows you to control the ingredients and ensure they are vegan.
  2. Local bakeries: Check with local bakeries to see if they offer vegan bagel options.
  3. Health food stores: Many health food stores offer a variety of vegan bagel options in their bakery section.
  4. Online retailers: Several online retailers specialize in vegan products, including bagels.
  5. Recipe substitutions: Explore vegan bagel recipes and experiment with alternative ingredients.

With these alternatives, you can still enjoy delicious bagels while adhering to a vegan lifestyle.


In conclusion, Costco bagels are generally vegan-friendly, as the primary ingredients are plant-based. However, it’s essential to be aware of potential non-vegan ingredients in different bagel flavors and varieties, such as eggs, milk, dairy, or honey. To ensure you’re following a vegan diet, always read the ingredient labels carefully or consult with store staff. If Costco’s bagels are not suitable for a vegan diet, there are plenty of alternative options available, including homemade bagels, local bakeries, health food stores, and online retailers. So, whether you choose Costco bagels or explore other options, you can still enjoy delicious vegan bagels to start your day right!