Does Jimmy John’s Have Vegan Options?

By Olivia

Jimmy John’s is a popular sandwich chain known for its speedy service and fresh ingredients. Many people wonder if they offer vegan options on their menu. The answer to the question “Does Jimmy John’s have vegan options?” is both yes and no. While they do have some options that can be customized to fit a vegan diet, their menu does not have specific pre-designed vegan sandwiches.

Customizable Options

Jimmy John’s offers a wide array of ingredients that can be customized to create a vegan-friendly sandwich. Here are the customizable options:

  • Bread: You can choose from various vegan-friendly bread options like French bread, 9-grain wheat bread, or an Unwich (lettuce wrap).
  • Vegetables: Load up your sandwich with an assortment of fresh veggies, including lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and sprouts.
  • Condiments: Choose from vegan condiments like mustard, oil and vinegar, Italian vinaigrette, or hot peppers to add flavor to your sandwich.

By selecting these customizable options, you can create a delicious vegan sandwich at Jimmy John’s.

Vegan-Friendly Sides

Aside from customizable sandwiches, Jimmy John’s also offers some vegan-friendly side options. These sides can complement your sandwich or serve as standalone items:

  • Pickles: Enjoy some tangy pickles to add a burst of flavor to your meal. They are vegan and make for a tasty snack.
  • Thinny Chips: These low-salt potato chips are crispy and satisfying. They are vegan-friendly and perfect for a side dish.
  • Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickles: If you’re a pickle lover, you can indulge in Jimmy John’s jumbo kosher dill pickles, which are vegan and packed with flavor.

These vegan-friendly sides offer a variety of options to enhance your Jimmy John’s experience.

Ingredient Concerns

While Jimmy John’s provides customizable options and vegan-friendly sides, it is important to note that cross-contamination with non-vegan ingredients can occur in the preparation area. They handle meat and dairy products in their kitchen, which may lead to traces of animal-based ingredients on surfaces or utensils. If you have strict dietary restrictions or allergies, it’s best to inform the staff and discuss your concerns to ensure a vegan-friendly preparation process.

Methods of Ordering

If you decide to order a vegan sandwich from Jimmy John’s, you can do so in three different ways:

  1. In-Store: Visit your local Jimmy John’s restaurant and customize your sandwich to make it vegan-friendly.
  2. Online: Use the Jimmy John’s website or app to place an order and specify your vegan preferences in the customization options.
  3. Phone: Call your nearest Jimmy John’s location and communicate your vegan requirements to the staff.

These ordering methods ensure that you can easily get a vegan-friendly meal from Jimmy John’s.

Comparison Table: Jimmy John’s Vegan Options

JJ GargantuanTurkey TomThe Vito

(1) While the bread options for these sandwiches may not be vegan, you can choose from other vegan-friendly bread options when customizing your order.


Although Jimmy John’s menu does not have designated pre-made vegan sandwiches, they offer customizable options that allow you to create vegan-friendly sandwiches. Additionally, they have vegan-friendly sides to enhance your meal. However, it’s essential to be cautious of cross-contamination if you have strict dietary restrictions or allergies. By communicating your vegan requirements and utilizing the customizable options, you can enjoy a delicious vegan meal from Jimmy John’s.