Does Red Lobster Have Vegan Options?

By Olivia

Red Lobster is well-known for its delicious seafood offerings, but what about those who follow a vegan diet? If you’re someone who abstains from consuming animal products, you might wonder if Red Lobster has any menu items that cater to your dietary needs. Let’s explore whether Red Lobster has vegan options to accommodate your preferences.

The Vegetable Feast

While Red Lobster is primarily known for its seafood, the restaurant does offer some vegan-friendly dishes. One option worth considering is the Vegetable Feast, a dish that features a flavorful medley of vegetables. This dish includes options like steamed broccoli, sautéed mushrooms, roasted green beans, and a side of wild rice pilaf. The Vegetable Feast provides a hearty and wholesome meal for those following a vegan lifestyle.

Sides and Salads

In addition to the Vegetable Feast, Red Lobster also offers several vegan-friendly sides and salads. These options provide a lighter alternative or can be paired with other options for a more satisfying meal. Some vegan options you can find on the menu are:

  • House Salad (without cheese or croutons)
  • Tomato Caprese Salad
  • Broccoli
  • Fresh Asparagus
  • Potatoes


When it comes to beverages, Red Lobster has a variety of vegan-friendly options. You can enjoy a refreshing glass of iced tea, soda, or fruit juice to accompany your meal. Be sure to check with your server for any specific vegan options available.

Customizing Your Order

Red Lobster allows customers to customize their orders according to their dietary preferences. While the menu may not explicitly state vegan options for certain dishes, you can request modifications and substitutions to make your meal vegan-friendly. Some suggested modifications include:

  • Requesting no butter or other dairy-based sauces
  • Asking for olive oil instead of butter for sautéed vegetables
  • Substituting a different sauce for the one included in the dish

By communicating your dietary needs to your server, you can work together to create a vegan-friendly meal at Red Lobster.

Special Dietary Accommodations

Red Lobster understands that some customers have specific dietary requirements and strives to accommodate them. If you have allergies or intolerances, including veganism, it is always a good idea to inform your server. They can guide you through the menu and help you select options that align with your dietary restrictions for a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

In conclusion, while Red Lobster is primarily known for its seafood offerings, it does have some vegan options available. By selecting dishes like the Vegetable Feast, exploring the sides and salads section of the menu, customizing your order, and communicating your needs to the server, you can enjoy a vegan-friendly meal at Red Lobster.