Is Shakira Vegan?

By Olivia

Shakira, the renowned Colombian singer, songwriter, and philanthropist, has long been admired for her talent, energy, and socially conscious efforts. Many people wonder if she adheres to a vegan lifestyle due to her dedication to various charitable causes and her strong commitment to animal rights. So, is Shakira vegan? Let’s find out.

Shakira’s Vegetarian Background

Before delving into whether Shakira is vegan, it’s essential to understand her dietary choices and background. Shakira has been a known vegetarian for many years, which means she abstains from consuming meat, including fish and poultry. However, being a vegetarian doesn’t necessarily equate to being vegan.

Shakira’s Vegan Pledge

Although Shakira had been a vegetarian for quite some time, she took her commitment to the next level by publicly pledging to go vegan. In 2019, she announced her intention to adopt a fully vegan diet as a way to showcase her dedication to the environment and animal welfare. Pledging to go vegan is a significant step, but it’s crucial to examine whether Shakira has truly embraced this lifestyle.

Shakira’s Plant-Based Meals and Cooking

One of the key aspects of living a vegan lifestyle is following a plant-based diet. Shakira has often spoken about her love for plant-based meals and credits them for her vibrant energy. She has shared her favorite vegan recipes and cooking tips, evidencing her interest and involvement in vegan cuisine. By embracing plant-based meals, Shakira aligns herself with the principles of a vegan lifestyle.

Shakira’s Fashion Choices

Veganism extends beyond dietary choices and encompasses various aspects of life, including fashion. Animal rights activists often opt for vegan alternatives to leather and fur products. Shakira has been seen donning outfits and accessories made from faux leather, demonstrating her support for animal-friendly fashion choices. This conscious decision aligns with the principles of veganism beyond just food choices.

Shakira’s Advocacy for Animal Rights

Aside from her dietary and fashion choices, Shakira actively advocates for animal rights. She uses her platform to raise awareness about animal cruelty and promotes measures to protect various species. Shakira’s commitment to advocating for animal rights further strengthens the likelihood that she genuinely embraces a vegan lifestyle.


In conclusion, while Shakira was already a vegetarian, she publicly pledged to go vegan in 2019. Her love for plant-based meals, conscious fashion choices, and active advocacy for animal rights all point to her being a committed vegan. Shakira’s dedication to this lifestyle demonstrates her alignment with the principles of veganism, showcasing her commitment to the environment and animal welfare.