Is Sure Jell Vegan?

By Olivia

Yes, Sure Jell is considered to be vegan-friendly. The gelatin-based product is commonly used as a thickening agent in various recipes, including jams and jellies. However, it is essential to note that Sure Jell’s regular formula contains preservatives that might not align with everyone’s dietary preferences. Some vegans may choose to avoid these additives while others may not find them problematic. To have a well-rounded understanding of Sure Jell’s vegan status, let’s explore the product’s ingredients and potential concerns in more detail.

What Are the Ingredients of Sure Jell?

The ingredients of Sure Jell include:

  • Fruit pectin
  • Dextrose
  • Fumaric Acid
  • Perfume

Fruit pectin, the primary component of Sure Jell, is vegan-friendly as it is derived from plant sources, usually extracted from apples or citrus fruits. However, it is important to note that Sure Jell’s regular formula may contain dextrose and fumaric acid, which are considered vegan but could be sourced from either plant or animal-based raw materials. The presence of “perfume” in the ingredient list does not offer any conclusive information about its source, which may or may not align with vegan principles.

Potential Concerns about Preservatives

Sure Jell’s regular formula contains certain preservatives, which may raise concerns for some vegans. These preservatives include:

  • Potassium sorbate
  • Sodium benzoate

While both potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are generally considered vegan, some individuals may prefer to avoid them due to possible adverse effects or personal beliefs. These preservatives are added to inhibit the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria in the product, ensuring its stability and shelf life. Vegans who are particular about consuming only whole-food, minimally processed ingredients may choose to explore alternative homemade or all-natural pectin options.

Sure Jell’s Vegan Options

For vegans looking for alternative options, Sure Jell offers a specific product called “Sure Jell for Less or No Sugar Needed Recipes.” This variety contains slightly different ingredients tailored for use in low-sugar or no-sugar recipes. The ingredients in Sure Jell for Less or No Sugar Needed Recipes include:

  • Fruit pectin
  • Fumaric Acid
  • Citric Acid

This version of Sure Jell eliminates the use of dextrose, making it suitable for vegans who prefer to avoid any potential animal-derived ingredients. However, it still contains fumaric acid and citric acid, both of which can be sourced from either plant or animal-based raw materials.

Consulting Sure Jell’s Ingredient List

Since manufacturers may update their product formulations, it is essential for vegans to review the ingredient list on Sure Jell packages before making a purchase. By examining the ingredients, they can confirm the product’s suitability for their dietary preferences and any potential changes the manufacturer may have made.


While Sure Jell’s regular formula may pose concerns for some vegans due to the presence of preservatives and potential use of animal-derived ingredients, it is generally considered vegan-friendly. The primary ingredient, fruit pectin, is derived from plant sources, but the added preservatives may not align with all vegans’ preferences. As there are various homemade and natural pectin alternatives available, individuals adhering to strict vegan principles may explore those options or consider Sure Jell’s “Less or No Sugar Needed Recipes” variety, which eliminates the use of dextrose.